About Us

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The SoFlo Market is an Urban Art and Craft Market open every second Saturday from 10-4 in the trendy neighborhood of SoFlo in San Antonio, TX.
Our Mission
To provide our community with an alternative shopping experience with unique and handmade designs and to meet, interact and directly support the artisans who created them. Located in the artsy SoFlo District, we also wish to draw the local residents together in order to foster a sense of community as the neighborhood continues to grow.
General Information
The SoFlo Market was born from the vision of Ruth Guajardo and Yolanda Reyes and inspired by their passion and love for the arts and artisan community. Friends for several years after meeting at an art show, they have traveled together selling their handmade creations in and around San Antonio. Together they are proud to be “starving artists” and have a vision of providing their fellow crafters and artists a platform to showcase thier handmade creations. The SoFlo Market is located in a prime location for such an event. Surrounded by trendy urban living spaces such as The Steel House Lofts, Cevellos Lofts, Judson Candy Factory Lofts and Camp Street Lofts as well as blocks away from the popular Blue Star Contemporary Art Center, the 10,000 sq ft warehouse on 1344 S. Flores provides an excellent venue. They are excited to start this adventure and can’t wait to get the party started!
Contact Info
Follow us on facebook by clicking on the facebook icon or clicking here www.facebook.com/soflomarket.
If you need to contact us please message us via facebook or email soflomarket@gmail.com.