Texas organizing project is joining SoFlo Market August 10, 2013!

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SoFlo Market feel Community comes first! Every month we will provide a local community organization or non-profit to come out and spread the word about their vision or services.  This month, as the health reform changes approach, we all need to know about out Health Care options and regulations, don’t you think?

The folks from Texas Organizing project will be here THIS SATURDAY AUGUST 10TH!!!!

Come join us!!!



SoFlo Market August 10th!

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Hello and welcome to our SoFlo Market website!
We are working diligently to bring you a fabulous experience in our Market!
Our next market will be August 10th and we cannot wait to share our artists’ creations, the local makers products, local cousine, and of course, local farms’ bounty of seasonal produce.


See you at So Flo Market!!!!!

Working on our next Market!

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Welcome to SoFlo Market!

Is it Second Saturday again?

Our next market is July 13!
We are working so hard to make the next one and every Second Saturday So Flo market an even better one than the time before!

New artists are already applying and we will have some of our originals as well. Our friend Dennis Huey was so kind to take some photos of our June 8th market!
9-1 Farms was back with corn, ocra, cucumbers, amazing tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, and some delish black eyed peas! I never knew you could just eat them raw! I “tried” them…and “tried” them…and “tried” them again.


Food trucks were the bomb!  And of course!, the very popular child-parent activity area, the kids LOVED making the rock monsters!

Keep tuned for more news and updates to come!